We offer consultancy on the design, viability, installation and amortization of biogas plants to improve the local management of organic waste, and to implement the use of biogas in companies, cooperatives, neighboring communities and individuals who want to shift to a more sustainable energy model.


Companies  within the agri-food sector, such as restaurants, ranchers and farmers, or any other business that produce organic waste on their daily basis and aim to save on their energy bill while implementing European strategies to mitigate the environmental impact of their waste.

We also do consulting for town halls, schools, farming cooperatives, energy poverty projects, waste managers, self-sufficient private homes and neighborhood communities.


We evaluate the potential waste production and the energy needs of our clients and compare technically and economically different biogas plants on the market.

  • We advise on the possibilities of each type of waste based on its biogas potential
  • We carry out a feasibility study for the installation of biogas plants
  • We calculate the energy demand to size the equipment
  • We design the biogas plant from a specific treatment capacity
  • We contact nearby farmers for the use and sale of the client’s fertilizer
  • We calculate yields, safety and maintenance costs for an specific biogas plant
  • We advise on applications and use of biogas and fertilizer
  • We help our clients to obtain financial aid for their biogas plant

  • Where does your garbage bag go?
  • Possibilities of biogas for self-consumption
  • Practical circular economy
  • Circular economy and European strategy
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We collaborate with numerous entities and projects working for social equity and environmental care